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Before you say what you think -- think!
[my motto]


o follow a link, right-click the respective one and open a new tab/ window. Once again, I am not responsible for any content within any directly or indirectly linked page.

Music and ArtsstrA dna cisuM
Timo RuttkampA composer and friend of mine
AngelsModern/ Action Dance Theatre Group
Copy-us online publisherPublisher offering free scores (including some of mine)
Ralf-Werner KoppA great trumpet player
Andreas SchröderMy office's roommate's Homepage

DSP relatedGreat DSP page founded by Stephane Boucher
RhombusFree and moderated Online mathematic courses for interestet students (German)
Matheplanet (german)German mathematics community page
FXT-bookA nice, (still) free book for programmers