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The friends I made all seemed, somehow, to drift away
and only I am left on stage to end the play.
[Charles Aznavour:
Yesterday when I was young
(orig.: Hier encore)]


in this section I offer some files for download, mainly excerpts from the music I wrote for the aerial dance group I am working together with. The music in general is copyrighted and any non-privat usage, remixing or whatever needs my approval beforehand.
Furthermore, as we had to pay all expenses an our own and could not afford a recording studio (and thus had to do this with our own equipment), the recording qualitiy of some of the files might be a little poor.



Implementation of a C++ class for command line parsing, documentation included. Version 1.00, Nov. 2008. Features:
  • Arbitrary number of values/ options for each argument
  • Simple text file parsing, thus allowing really big argument lists
  • Validitiy checking
  • Simple handling
The files are free for any non-commercial usage, see included license.txt file.

Music Files

Music For Performing Arts


amille Claudel

People Running
The social wilderness around Camille Claudel. People running around vividly, not yet accepting a woman as an artist and thus ignoring her.
The rising of the (hopeless and condemned) love between Camille Claudel and Rodin.
Camille's world after her broken love and life. Lonelyness and inner conflicts.



Angels Trailer
The music of the trailer in full length.
Shadow And Light
The music of the very first scene. Shadows and contours of angels in the hights of the sky shortly before "approaching" (realizing the forthcoming existence of) humankind.
We "burdened" Lucifer and Gabriel with human like love and affections for each other. This is their love scene, with its melancholic character already forecasting the doom that awaits them.
War ahead
In the play, this music was mixed with a quite aggressive one; the scene is part of the start of the upcoming war in heaven, inaugurated by those angels following the lead of Lucifer and those favouring Gabriel.
Between -- Abandoned
With Lucifer sticking to the angels's original promise to god of not accepting anything alike besides him and furthermore keeping the privileges granted to his kind -- and Gabriel on the other hand accepting god's "new part" (humankind) and following this new trail, their love is about to be betrayed.
The music covers two scenes: Their private, intimate fight (part 1, cello and piano; music character in contrast to scene) and the banishment of Lucifer from heaven (part 2, Two singers, piano and cello).
The (german) text within the composition explains all. Translation:
      What I shall miss will be the sparrows
      the wind in my face, the scent of snow in the air, the eyes of a child
      spots of the first drops of rain, the beautiful stranger on the balcony
      the horizon, giggling, tears
      my mother, my father
      sun breaking through the clouds, hopping into puddles
      kitsch, sex, the colours of the flowers
      falling leaves...
      ...the morning light
Old And New World
The last scene of the perfomance. Old world has broken, new worlds been created. And nothing is determined. Just make your own decision about what this might mean to you.