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Music and further Arts

Debussy believed that percussion in Europe was the art of barbarians.
[David Toop, Ocean of Sound]


oday’s music is a widely splattered landscape. Within this area I will grant you the possibility to check out a small subset of this large empire, showing some of its aspects I am interested and working in.

I have found a publisher for my scores. Laced and Frühling are the first two works published at copy us , an online publishing company that offers scores for download at no cost!

Contemporary Music
(Right)click on available links to download/ view full scores.


ist of compositions (those I assume as such)
Dialektisches Werk (1996)
[Dialectical Opus]
for two pianists (four handed)
approx. 9 minutes
Endmoräne (2002-2003)
[terminal moraine]
for small ensemble
approx. 8 minutes
Tug me (2002)for pianist and speaker
approx. 9 minutes
Frühling (2005-2006)
for synthesizer, string quartet, percussion and alto
approx. 10.5 minutes
Laced (2004-2005, revised version including new legend)
Award-winning composition of the National Music
Academy Composition Competition for
Trumpet and Piano 2005
for trumpet and piano
approx. 10 minutes
La hora de los demonios (2007-2008)
[the hour of the demons]
for two pianos
approx. 6.5 to 7 minutes
Unvereinbarkeiten (2008)
for organ and electric guitar
approx. 11 minutes
2 -- 1 (2008)
Award-winning composition of the 7th international
composition contest "Schubert and Modern Music" 2008
Graz Academy of Music and Performing Arts
for violin and piano
approx. 5.5 to 6 minutes
Orbits (2005-2008)for bassclarinet and ensemble (12 instruments)
approx. 10 to 10.5 minutes
Bevor der Tag erwacht (2009, revised 2011)
[Before the day awakes]
for wind- and brass instruments, percussion, piano and accordeon
approx. 11 minutes
Shattered Memories (2009 - 2010)for big orchestra and piano
approx. 11 minutes, 2nd part in work
Aber die Sünde hätte ich nicht erkannt, als durch das Gesetz(written 2010, revised 2011)
Comissioned by the city of cologne
for trombone, accordeon and percussion
approx. 14 minutes
for mezzo soprano, violin, bassclarinet and percussion. German legend and text.
approx. 2 minutes
Anders als gedacht (oder: In ogni goccia) (2009)
for mezzo sopran or alto and piano. scenic. Instructions German, text Italian.
duration depends on performance
Strings (2011)
for 7 string instruments (4, 1, 1, 1). German legend and instructions.
approx. 13 minutes
3 Kurzgeschichten und eine Halbe(2011)
[3 shortstories and a half]
for piano solo. German legend and instructions.
approx. 9 minutes
Das Licht bricht über mir zusammen (in progress)
[The light crashes down on me]
for big Orchestra, tape (or CD/DVD) and speaker
Mont Ventoux (fragment) (2004)for orchestra, stringquartett, choir and bariton solo

Modern Dance


n 2000/2001 I composed the music for a dancetheater-project that dealt with the life of Camille Claudel, performed under Fabrice Jucquois. The tracks vary from complex ambient and minimal music to classical music and you can some of them in the downloads section.

(Image of the show)


s of 2002 I started working together with Angels Cologne , a group performing mainly at ropes, some subcathegory of socalled aerial dance. Aside from writing the music for the complete performance I also co-developed the story an coded a program that was used for computing graphical morphing of dancer’ contours, which were then projected on the floor in certain scenes. The highlight was a full invitation to the Edinburgh Dance Festival 2009 with our show Peter Pan - Learn to fly. The picture below give some impressions of the show, Angels, which was performed in London, The Place (excerpts) and in cologne. A second phase of performances, completely revised with a smashing story and breathtaking new rope-acrobatics was launched with great success in March 2007. If you like to get deeper inside or download some music, I invite you to follow the link above. The homepage is presented both in english and german language.

Here is the text for the song abandoned (youtube), which you can find on youtube following the link (low volume recording, so you might need to set your speaker volume to a high level).
Looking up I’m falling down,
I see your Angel’s Crown high above from where I’ll be.
You abandoned me from home, from heaven’s sacred dome;
by playin’ a faitful card
you have torn every bit of us apart
I cast a curse right through your heart --
a curse right from my heart.

You have been a precious knight,
so vast in grace and beauty.
As an avatar of virtue you walked the path of truth
when suddenly your glory began to push you out of the light!

Lucifer and Gabriel
You/I abandoned me/you from home, from heaven’s sacred dome,

And now I feel alone...

And now I feel alone...

Lucifer and Gabriel

(Image of the show)



e invited to download an analysis of Hans Zender’s composition Dialog mit Haydn, written in german language. The file is a common pdf-file and should be readable even with relatively old versions of Acrobat Reader, ghostview, kpdf and other programs. The document might contain some errors and for hints about those I am always grateful.


udio Signal Processing is one of my favorite fields of researche. If you happen to not be a scientist, you can download a very short introduction to (audio) signal processing. It covers some basic concepts and middle school knowledge in mathematics (basically, multiplication, addition and the concept variables) suffices to understand this paper. Nonetheless, it contains enough proofs and information for one to understand the underlying ideas. However, the language of this introduction is german; it might contain some errors and for hints about those I am always grateful.



rom April 2003 to December 2005 I was keyboarder and background-vocalist in a Symphonic Rock Band, Sky’s Shadow. Two CDs, fate and Romeo and Juliet have been recorded meanwhile.