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Verbinde dich; du sollst in diesen Tagen
Mit Freuden meine Künste sehn,
Ich gebe dir, was noch kein Mensch gesehn.
[J. W. Goethe, Faust I (verses 1672-1674)]


ews (2019/05)

The site is being completely redesigned and thus incomplete and currently in the process of being rewritten. I am expecting it to be fully up in June 2019 again and kindly ask for your patience.


his site uses just a single javascript method to load the menu and title if not coming from the mainpage. Otherwise, just pure html and css. It makes no use of cookies either, does not track, etc.


ilgamash is an aequiphonom for Gilgamesch, an early king of Babylon. The very first period of literature in Babylon includes religious, poetical and epical works about Genesis as well as about this mythical king, who successlessly longed for eternal life. However, as Gilgamesch is presumed to have built the approx. 9.5 km (5.9 miles) long city wall of Uruk with about 900 bastions (at some time between 2800-2400 B.C.), it is his opus that will last - not Gilgamesch himself.


inally, I am not responsible for any contents on directly or indirectly linked pages.

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